• • Land transportation is a transportation system that allows cargo to be moved to desired place at the desired time in a safe, fast and secure manner. Since it doesn’t need any transshipment between the starting point and destination point, it has the advantage of being faster and cheaper than other transportation systems especially in short distances.
  • The maritime transport has been advancing and improving with new technologies and new modes of transport with each passing day. Our company has also been active in this area since 1996 and is one of the leading companies of the sector in our country. Constantly aiming for growth, we provide maritime import / export transportation service to all the ports in the world with our years of experience, our employees who track the shipments during each phase, our large agency network and many agreements we made with global ship-owners. We perform not only port-to-port transport, but also door-to-door delivery by combining fast, safe and economic transportation with customer satisfaction. In addition to our corporate values and structure, we at Gezgin have Shipping Agency License (R2 License) and offer logistics service integrated with the world thanks to A-Z international forwarder network, which we are a member of.
    • Complete Container (FCL) : 20'DC, 40'HC, 40'PW, 45'DV,
    • Partial Container (LCL) : regularly each week
    Special Equipment Container: Open Top, Flat Rack
    • Reefer Container Transportation: Reefer
    • Bulk cargo transportation
    • Cargo and Chartering Services for different Cargo (Conventional)
    • Project Cargo Transportation
    • Transit Cargo (transit transportation made viaTurkey)
    • Cross Trade (Transportation made between two different countries excepting Turkey, without entering Turkey)
    • Multimodal Transportation (Ship + Truck & Ship + Train)
  • International railroad transport is a transportation type that allows companies to move heavy and sizable cargo without bearing high costs. Railroad transport has gained an increasing traction in recent times due to its safety, its minimized dependence on human and therefore reduced risks, its competitive costs and the fact that it is eco-friendly solution.

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